In 2013, Victor Benaderette graduated from the Montreal School of Gemology with a specialization in diamond observation and fine jewellery design. He decided to launch the Benaderette line, marrying his love for architectural structures and high-end craftsmanship using modern technology and traditional handcraft experts in bench making quality. 

This development method has since then been deeply rooted into the brand DNA. Victor seeks for precious stones and premium materials, selecting each medium one by one in a pursuit of perfection.

Born in Paris, the artist finds inspiration into his childhood memories. The city of lights and mysteries preserves and values both the work of masters and of the underground artistic movements. This contrast speaks to the artist who now creates a form of jewellery that navigates between the eclectic super volumes and the purity of a light spark that meets a straight line.   

Benaderette isn’t only the labour of one, it’s the work of top jewellery craftsmen combined with a rebellious design view and a rigorous material selection process.

From ready to order to custom services, the Benaderette team puts importance into details, thus providing product knowledge and care in order to provide the highest levels of expertise, helping our community to make the choices that will suit their lifestyle.